DOOS welcomes the opportunity to align with groups that are engaged with proposals, projects, or programs concerned with a greater understanding of the deep sea. Groups can state that they are in alignment with the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (DOOS), if they meet the following criteria:

  • The project collects data in the deep sea (defined as generally >>200 m and preferably >2000 m) addresses one or more of the DOOS science and/or societal questions.
  • The project is aligned with Global Ocean Observing System Framework for Ocean Observing, and measures one or more GOOS Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs).
  • The project makes collected environmental data freely and openly available in an established data repository within 2 years of collection, and send DOOS the link to those data when available. If exceptions are requested for data of special concern (e.g. endangered species locations) these must be described to DOOS in advance of DOOS endorsement.
  • If the project is of local / regional scale, has a limited time frames (e.g. pilot study), or focuses on new technology development, it must identify how it contributes to sustained deep ocean observatories and/or a large-scale, long-term understanding of the deep ocean.