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Dear Deep-Ocean Observer:

The Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (DOOS) project is conducting a deep-ocean observation inventory to lay the foundation for development and coordination of regional, national, and global deep-ocean observing systems. We are requesting your assistance by asking you to complete a brief online survey on the current use of, and needs for, deep ocean observations. Further details, a link to the survey, and some instructions for completing the survey are provided below. The survey should take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete. Please complete the survey at your earliest convenience.  Contributors will be acknowledged and invited to contribute to any subsequent publication.

PURPOSE: (1) To assess the current status of deep-ocean observing with respect to geographic coverage, water depths, platforms, sensors, variables measured, temporal and spatial coverage. (2) To inform development of the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy and identify potential partners. Develop a common statement of requirements and an initial strategy for sustained global deep ocean observations; considering all Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs), regions, technologies, and societal imperatives so as to extract high priority, feasibility, and GOOS fit-for-purpose actions for the next 5-10 years. Identify gaps in geographic coverage, water depth, and EOVs.

INSTRUCTIONS: The survey may take up to 20-25 minutes to complete. Please fill in or select appropriate responses to the questions on the following survey pages. We appreciate your time and effort in completing the survey, as well as your help ensuring the survey reaches other federal colleagues that handle biological data or might be able to speak to agency needs.