The Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (DOOS) will promote a deep ocean community that facilitates collaboration across disciplines and fields,elevates a diverse cohort of early career researchers into future leaders, and bridges scientific advancements to societal needs and challenges. DOOS represents an interconnected network of deep-ocean observing, mapping,exploration and modelling programs working together to: 1) characterize the physics, biogeochemistry and biology of the deep ocean in space and time,2) establish a baseline required to understand changes to its habitats and services and 3) provide the information needed to have a healthy, predicted,resilient and sustainably-managed (deep) ocean. DOOS will promote human capital and observing infrastructure needed to address critical scientific and management questions relating to climate, biodiversity and sustainability,while growing the next generation of deep-ocean leaders. DOOS seeks to generate a cross-disciplinary network of networks for global deep-ocean observing.

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DOOS Decade Activities

DOOS Satellite Activity for the “Predicted Ocean” Decade Laboratory.

Core Event Panelist for the “Clean Ocean” Decade Laboratory.

The Ocean Decade at COP26 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Collaborating UN Ocean Decade Programmes & Projects

In response to encouragement given during the Ocean Obs ’19 Conference, DOOS submitted its contribution to the
Decade for Ocean Science for Sustainable Development Science Action Plan.

Download UN Declaration (PDF)