Welcome to the deep-ocean observing community revision of the BGC EOVs as they are specified by GOOS. Please provide your expert input to ensure that deep-ocean conditions and processes (focus >2000 m), and approaches for their observation are fully represented. Online questionnaires will take you through the sections of the relevant GOOS EOV specification sheets to collect your input for an improved representation of the deep ocean. Where non-GOOS EOVs are suggested, questionnaires refer to EOV specification sheets drafted by deep ocean observers.

Let’s get started

For the benefit of deep-ocean observation we ask for approx. 45 min of your time to share your expertise. Please select below the questionnaire for the EOV you would like to help specifying. None of the questions is obligatory and editing can be interrupted at several break points and continued at your convenience (make sure you follow instructions on the submission page when leaving!).

Please contact the DOOS Biogeochemistry Task Team leader Felix Janssen in case of questions.

Additional variables essential for deep-ocean biogeochemical observations

Use this online form if you want to suggest a variable that you consider essential to address deep-ocean biogeochemical properties and processes of scientific and / or societal concern (and that is missing from the above list).

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