At the conclusion of the 2016 DOOS Workshop it was agreed that a report providing guidance on the science and implementation objectives of DOOS will allow the community to address and meet the goals of the Project and its stakeholders.

Dear Colleagues,

The Steering Committee of the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy (DOOS) is requesting input on the content of the draft DOOS Science and Implementation Guide (SIG).

The purpose of the Deep Ocean Observing Strategy is to support the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) in improving understanding of the state of the global deep ocean with respect to baseline conditions, response to climate variability and response to human disturbance. The Guide seeks to provide guidance on addressing key scientific questions and societal needs, design and evaluate appropriate observing systems, and demonstration projects to better understand the state of the deep ocean, globally and across the physical, biogeochemical, biological and ecosystem disciplines. Input collected during this consultation will feed into this Guide which will serve as a tool resulting in improved coordination of existing deep observing activities across disciplines and to form a systematic, sustained network of deep-ocean observing programs.

All comments should be submitted on or before September 14, 2018. Please provide comments with the feedback form attached and submit the form to

Additionally, the DOOS project is conducting an on-going deep-ocean observation inventory to lay the foundation for development and coordination of regional, national, and global deep-ocean observing systems. If you or your organization have not participated, please fill out this brief, online survey to help DOOS better document sustained observing within the community.

If you have any questions, please reach out to or visit

Thank you, in advance, for you input!

DOOS Team (Lisa Levin, Patrick Heimbach, Henry Ruhl, and Andrea McCurdy)

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